Level up your playlists.

Tunefinder is an app that allows you to easily find new music you'll actually love, based on music you already listen to.

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Completely free to download

Just a simple to use tool to help you discover new music based on specific parts of the songs you already love.

Fast and personalized

Your playlists are generated automatically in a a matter of seconds and are 100% based on what kind of songs you want to discover.

Because we value your privacy

Tunefinder is a third-party app that works with Spotify and Apple Music. We do not track your activity and your login information is safe and encrypted.

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Have you ever listened to a song that left you wanting more?

Here's a perfect solution for you: thanks to new technology, Tunefinder can scan different tracks of a song and analyze it when searching for similar songs. This can be useful if you like a specific part of a song, a specific chord progression or even the key of the song, and wish to listen to similar music.

Just log in with Spotify or Apple Music, and let us do the rest. Once you found your perfect playlist, you can save it to your Tunefinder profile and share it across platforms.

You won't need to endlessly search among millions of songs for ones that sound exactly like what you really love anymore!

Some reviews:

user 1

Maya Garcia

“Amazing app, I found so many new songs with it ! Would defenitely recommend.“

user 2

Theo J. Williams

“Very efficient if you like to discover new songs daily.“

user 3

Sara Carvalho

“You can even add your playlists and listen to them on Spotify! Love it.“

user 4

Amanda Lee

“I love the fact that you can really pick apart different songs.“

user 5

Logan Pritchett

“A must-have for music lovers!“

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